PEP (we need a logo ... can you help?)

What is PEP ?

PEP is a Eclipse plugin for Distributed Java Pair Programming.

Wy PEP ?

Although two other knowing tools have tried to give a way to do this, no one actually made a fully reliable, fast and easy tool for pair programmers. We believe on the promiss that is possible to apply some enhancements on remote synchronizing task. Until now few effort have been made to make Distributed Pair Programming a reality. We hope to bring a real working tool to do it.

Project Members

For now this project has only two members on team. Soon we hope to have many other contributors. Join us !

Believe Us

Trust! Brazil is not only banana and football at all! This project is supported (and we are tanks to) Sourceforge, but we really are Braziliam students, from Federal University of Santa Catarina.


Contact us for any help or sugestion that can help us to give to open source comunity a better way to pratice Pair Programming. Our address: Leandro Pfleger (Developer) Giorgio Merize (Developer) Prof. Frank Siqueira (Coach / supervisor)